Saturday, December 11, 2010

WTFOMG of the week

Murphy has a new law. I'm assuming you haven't heard it yet, so I will share it with you: Murphy says,"If you lose something,as soon as you replace it, the lost one will show up." This has been proven with scissors, twine, gloves, hats, appliances, etc, but never more than this week when my lost engagement ring showed up in the dryer after a month of searching, finding a replacement and ordering it. Waiting for the replacement to show up, only to shake out the newly dry contents of the dryer and hear the ting, ting, ting of a little silver ring hitting the floor. I thought I had lost it while taking Tucker out for a walk, throwing his poopbag in the trash and, after much hysteria, noting that it was not on my finger. Mind you, this has been FOUR weeks of laundry, which is about two loads a week that the ring has been floating around in the dryer, only to show up the day after my new ring arrives!!! I emptied a public trash can and went through the contents. I'm lucky not to have leprosy after that. But, I now have TWO engagement rings and this one is securely on the finger.

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