Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painting the dining room.....

Well, we started summer project number who knows. We started painting the "formerly institutional green" dining room a gorgeous shade of white that has just a speck of green in it. The light in the room just sparkles as it comes in from the garden. B found a beautiful prairie-style chandelier that he installed. It's amazing how little he swears when he is doing a project. When I cook, it's like sailors have just unloaded on the docks and are ready for liberty. He claims he just hasn't been challenged enough on a project for him to let his "inner sailor" out.

It's been extremely muggy and hot here. The plants are on 2-a-day waterings and our garden plot is getting a dousing every evening.

Tucker has been challenged by the heat. He's crabby and doesn't relish going out for his walks.

I promise that pictures will be coming soon..........