Thursday, July 8, 2010

Isn't it funny???

Isn't it funny that when you buy a car, they are all jazzed to get you up and running. bringing you coffee and all that jazz, but when something goes wrong with the car, it takes days for them to get it in for warranty work??? Our car, Liam, a little silver Nissan Versa, decided to poop out his air conditioner when the weather turned crazy hot. So B calls the dealer we bought it from and tells us "Friday."
That was 3 days ago. Needless to say, we found a dealer closer ( the original dealer is about a forty minute drive from us). So Liam is going on Monday to see the local Nissan dealer, who, if he gets us fixed up quickly, will get a really nice plug on our blog. If it doesn't.....weeeeellll....
When we bought my car, Murphy...(yes, we name our cars!) we went to Cherry Hill Nissan, in New Jersey, where we dealt with this hilarious guy named Duke. Duke put us in his cubicle, fed us candy and generally treated us to a hilarious evening of new car buying, ending every sentence with "God Bless" and " Mazel Tov". I'm not even kidding!!!

I love my life right now. Almost every experience I seem to have is like street theatre. Life amazes me!!!!
breathe deeply...

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